Unafraid of both straight-up hooks and experimental song structure, RALEIGH is a band carving their own space in new music. It is damaged by art, exposed and intimately pointed, connectivity through song.

Raleigh’s sophomore record, Sun Grenades & Grenadine Skies was released in late 2013. The album spent six consecutive weeks on the Earshots! National top 50, being cited as “a sophisticated and seemingly infinite journey of musical exploration,” (Rokline Mag). As the Toronto Star put it, “there's no denying the poise and discipline with which Raleigh struts its mysterious stuff.”
The album put the band back in a van and took them across Canada twice, then overseas from Edinburgh to Berlin with six weeks of European tour dates, totalling over one-hundred-fifty shows in six countries through 2013/2014.

With a palm on the pulse of the world of live music, the people that go to shows, and the floors they invite you to sleep on, Raleigh’s music derives from the fervour of the lives they cross paths with.


Vocals, Guitar / Brock Geiger
Vocals, Cello, Keys / Clea Anaïs
Bass / Will Maclellan
Drums / Matthew Doherty